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Bugpilot Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

Bugpilot Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

SaaS Tribune Lifetime Deal (LTD) Talk!

Caution: Try to avoid FOMO, buy only if you really need it.

Introducing: Bugpilot Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

  • Leverage AI to identify and fix bugs without relying on user reports
  • Generate comprehensive bug reports, with screen recordings and a list of steps for easy replication
  • Automatically scan your code for errors and solve issues with AI-corrected code that you can simply copy-paste

Alternative to: Hotjar, Logrocket, Rollbar

Best for: Customer support, Developers, SaaS

Let’s see the features that can attract you in a nutshell……..

  1. Bugpilot is an AI-powered platform that helps you identify, prioritize, and fix user-facing bugs.
  2. Bugpilot automatically scans your code for errors, making it a cinch to spot issues before your code is even deployed.
  3. Thanks to the groundbreaking AI-first technology, Bugpilot generates AI-corrected code that you can copy-paste to fix bugs fast.
  4. Plus, you’ll get debugging details, including a description and relevant documentation, so you don’t need to rely on user reports to make improvements.
  5. Automatically detect bugs and access detailed debugging info—all without any user reports.
  6. Bugpilot automatically checks for common user issues, including ad blockers, slow networks, and outdated browsers, so you can close support tickets in a snap.
  7. View the chronological steps leading up to every error, like specific clicks, making it super easy to reproduce the problem.
  8. And because your devs will know exactly where to focus their attention, you’ll be able to maintain a stellar user experience without straining their workload.
  9. Access a step-by-step report to see which actions led to each bug for easy replication.
  10. Best of all, Bugpilot records the screen for every user bug report, so you get a visual play-by-play of what went wrong.
  11. Users can annotate the video recording to highlight specific areas on the screen, or emphasize key elements of the problem.
  12. Plus, they’ll be able to add written details to bug reports by submitting an auto-generated description or writing their own version from scratch.
  13. And because Bugpilot integrates with multiple HelpDesk tools, your support team can access all this information for user conversations.
  14. See exactly what happened with detailed screen recordings on user bug reports.
  15. With Bugpilot, you can view bug reports at a glance and sort them into categories based on status activity to streamline prioritization.
  16. You’ll be able to share bug reports with your team with a simple link that anyone can access—no complicated downloads required.
  17. Bugpilot even integrates with tools like Slack, Jira, and Notion, you can seamlessly adopt it into your workflow.
  18. Get an overview of all reported bugs and their status activity in one place.
  19. When you’re relying on users to report bugs, you’re wasting time piecing together random info like an amateur detective. (“So Professor Plum… where were you at the time of the crash?”)
  20. Fortunately, Bugpilot has built-in bug detection, AI-suggested bug fixes, and auto-generated bug reports, so you can solve issues fast.

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