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Shown Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

Shown Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

SaaS Tribune Lifetime Deal (LTD) Talk!

Caution: Try to avoid FOMO, buy only if you really need it.

Introducing: Shown Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software!

  • Automate cross-channel advertising campaigns with the power of AI
  • Use AI to write and A/B test ad copy, make image and video creatives for your ads, and collaborate on campaigns
  • Create cross-channel ad campaigns with advanced automations quickly across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, and Twitter

Alternative to: AdEspresso, Madgicx

Best for: Entrepreneur-curious, Small businesses, Solopreneurs

Let’s see the features that can attract you in a nutshell……

  1. Shown is an AI-powered advertising platform that automates the creation and management of ad campaigns across major platforms.
  2. Using Shown, you can create cross-channel campaigns with advanced automations in just a few minutes.
  3. Just choose your advertising goal, and the platform will guide you through the process of creating an optimized campaign that actually achieves results.
  4. You’ll be able to create conversions based on custom events and sync them across all channels thanks to the Shown pixel.
  5. Plus, you can track which channels are driving the best results for your business across five major platforms—Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  6. Create cross-channel campaigns with advanced automations across major ad platforms.
  7. Shown lets you use AI to write high-converting ad copy, so you can beat writer’s block and pump out marketing content across all your channels.
  8. Automatically generate copy and A/B test different versions to discover what works best with your target audience.
  9. That means you’ll be able to eliminate all the guesswork that comes with content marketing and focus your resources on churning out winning copy.
  10. Tap into the power of AI to generate engaging copy for your ads.
  11. You can create stunning graphics for your ads in a snap using Shown’s media gallery and integrations.
  12. Choose from millions of high-quality, free-to-use images, import videos from YouTube, and create designs in Canva—all without leaving the platform.
  13. Plus, you’ll be able to sync your creatives to all major ad platforms and keep them organized in one place to reuse later.
  14. Create and manage creatives for your ads right from Shown’s media gallery.
  15. Best of all, Shown helps you assemble a strong, cohesive team, so you can achieve your advertising goals together.
  16. You’ll be able to invite colleagues, freelancers, and designers to seamlessly collaborate on ad campaigns.
  17. Manage invitations and assign each team member specific access permissions right from your dashboard.
  18. Easily invite team members and manage their access right from your dashboard.
  19. Creating ad campaigns that work on every platform shouldn’t feel like you’re juggling multiple algorithms at once. (“FYI, this would’ve gone viral on a chronological, close friends feed.”)
  20. Lucky for you, Shown uses the power of AI to create and run high-converting ads for major platforms on autopilot.

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Happy Marketing!

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